Seventh Grade

Okay, so I’m at the very end of summer right? And I’m real excited to go to seventh grade. “It’ll be just like sixth grade, don’t worry Sofia, all your friends will still be there, and the teachers will be easy going again, and I’m sure there won’t be that much homework.” Okay I’m ready for seventh grade!
BAM!!!! That sound? Yeah that’s the sound off my original thoughts exploding in my face.

Here it is, august has arrived, personally he’s not my favorite visitor because he always brings talk of school, and trips to the department store for supplies. But apparently my mom loves him, ” Oh Sofia I just can’t wait to have you kids at school for 8 hours every day!” I mean I guess I know where she’s coming from, but she forgot to mention the fact that we have to wake up at six a.m. every morning to drive all the way to West Ridge since we’re in Hill Country district. Alright Sofia, just suck it up, it’s just school! It’ll be just like last year, last year was fun right? Boy was I wrong!

The first day of school was kind of a blur for me. Kids were crowding the hallways, there were loud bells, and I had no idea where any of my friends were. Finally at 5th period I found bar— oh right, sorry no names. I found — and I went over to talk to her, which I later found out was a bad idea because during the summer —- met Ala*** I mean *** and then they became best friends, and they latter met up with ###, and +++, to create their little passé, which was completed when %%% joined them. Now all my friends sit with *** outside of the cafeteria at an excluded private table. And since *** kind of, sort of, really doesn’t like me because of some big fall out last year over —– I’m the last person she wants at her table. Whatever though right? I have other fiends right? Ugh this year is starting off to a bad start.

In August I was ready for school to start, by October I was ready for it to end. I spent all my time doing truck loads of homework, (thank you very much science reading notes and reviews, french notes, and those god awful blog posts that were due every Friday in English) studying for quizes and tests, and trying to handle my social life. By November I was going mad! And to top things off, I was in way too easy classes. Besides the homework, my brain was half asleep most of the time. And I wasn’t getting regular sleep either because of all that homework, did I already say that I had a lot of it? Well I did. Seventh grade was going to be the end of me.

Suddenly one day towards the end of January something clicked. The homework flood died down to a trickle, I started to get more homework done at school so that I could get to bed earlier at night, and surprisingly I found my place in the foliage of the social tree. Maybe Seventh grade wont be the death of me, maybe it’ll only be the slight bruise of me. But I’m not going to be lured into a false sense of security, and then get whacked upside the head with a frying pan(also known as a stack of homework.)

The next day that very thing happened, we’ll not the frying pan, but some what similar. I was at my locker and stood up (because I have a bottom locker and probably will for the rest of my life *rolls eyes and huffs*) when the kid who has the locker above me SLAMS his!! And the stupid door whacks me right in the face! Yeauch! Ugh a frying pan would have been better. That day I also get loaded with homework. It was like a freaking tsunami! Do you see where I’m going with this?

I guess I’ll never really get used to the seventh grade, but it has taught me a lot, like that teacher who makes us post those god awful blog posts every Friday, we’ll thank you, because I really love to write and I probably wouldn’t have learned that without your help, oh and my science teacher who gives me all that home work? Well it turns out I actually find that all fascinating. Who knew that I would be a science geek right? And my french teacher, well it turns out I’m a natural at french*grins widely and beams*
So thank you seventh grade, you really have thought me something, and I made it out alive right? I look forward to your challenges next year. Eighth Grader, It has a nice ring to it don’t you think?


When a big kid goes to help a little kid
When a smart kid goes to help a challenged kid
When a leader takes leadership.

Sometimes you meet someone and you go
“Man this persons a real leader”
Sometimes they catch you by surprise and you go
“You know I really didn’t see it before but now, I know”

We don’t need superheroes,
Or sorcerers or people with powers,
No we don’t need any thing fake,
What we need are real superheroes,
People we can look up to
And will always be there to

But sometimes there are no leaders around you,
And sometimes you need to step up,
To be the person we all know you can be
To lead a big kid to help a little kid
To encourage a smart kid to help a challenged kid
To recognize yourself as a leader
And to take leadership

Always there will be a leader,
Even if you don’t know it
Because that’s what leaders are for
To be there for you
Even when you don’t think you need anyone


A fickle creature
The embodiment of beauty
Living inside us
Feeding on our emotions, and thoughts
Weaving a phrase out of scraps and memories

Like a spider weaving its web at midnight

A fickle creature
The embodiment of love
Buzzing around us
Coming to us when we least expect it
Knocking us down with its sudden presence
Like a fox in the woods on a full moon

A fickle creature
The embodiment of fantasy
Leaping, flying, creating inside us
Living in a wooden box
Waiting to be opened by the golden key of imagination
Like a dragon soaring through the clouds

A fickle creature
The embodiment of danger
Breeding our anger and insecurity
Haunting our dreams
Hurting us in such a beautiful way
Thrilling us
Daring us to just take that one more step, and jump
Like a black bird, hiding in the shadows

A fickle creature
The embodiment of us
Expressing ourselves in such a personal way
Showing ourselves
Like a river
Gushing through your body
Raging down your arm
Past your finger tips
Leaping into the air suspended above delicate peace of paper
Like a bluejay that’s been flapping against the wind
Battling to be light again
Until finally the wind stops
And the bluejay lands on a branch and rests
As a phrase, light as a feather
Finally lands
And rests as it’s story is told
“Once upon a time….”

Media and a memory

When I was little I could not live without my favorite movie: The Little mermaid. Every Saturday it was the same routine; wake up, eat breakfast, then go to my TV room and press play. It was the most wonderful movie ever, not even mentioning the fact that I was in Love with mermaids. When I watched that movie, it was like was underwater, there with them.

Watching the movie would go a little like this for me; holding my breath as the movie begins, waiting in anticipation for the fist scene to begin, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it I still ooh and ahh every time it starts. Then later on standing on the couch and acting+singing along to whatever song or scene was on. 🎶UNDER THE SEA🐠!!🎶🎶PART OF YOUR WORLD🌎!!🎶 (Usually accompanied by yells from my mom and dad to stop the racket.) Crying after Eric doesn’t know that she saved him, and laughing at the stupid things that scuttle does, and of course you can’t help but smile at poor Sebastian for trying to keep that up-to-no-good Ariel out of trouble.

The little mermaids disk basically lived in the DVD player. If someone took it out to watch something, it would go back in the next day. The think about that movie is that you can’t help but just ding it captivating, and that’s what I love about it. That’s why The Little Mermaid was is my favorite movie of all time!


Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is:

You should always be yourself, because if you aren’t then you can never be truly loved for who you are or ever truly love yourself, for if you aren’t true to your heart you can never be happy.

-Sofia Cooklin

This is my favorite quote because I believe you have to be the change in life you want to happen. So I want to be a change and make my own desitions, follow my own guides and quotes. I want to make a difference in the world and I believe I can do that by writing my own words, Sharing my feelings, and expressing myself.

Another reason I love this quote is that I always am tempted to change myself to fit in, but then I’m not being true to myself, and I’m not being the person they think I am. No one should should change who they are for others.


Most people see it as a time of cold, of despair
A time where no one dares to go outside out of fear of the unknown
That fear keeps them locked up inside, not daring to venture out into the snarling snow that chases away any cold

I see it as I time where I can finally be alone.
No one bothers me, no one even knows I come out,
But I do.
I walk out bare foot in nothing but my night gown.
I chase the snow flakes around.
Laughing at what they say to me as they graze my ear.
I like to speak back to them.
This is the only time I can, when not ones around.
People think I’m odd, that I’m different.
When my mom was alive she said that she loved my gift, that it was beautiful.

Now I’m all alone.
With only the water to talk to

Hop Doddy

hop doddyhop doddy burger

Hop Doddy burger joint, is probably about the best burger joint in the whole world!
If you want a good burger and fries (and I mean like a GOOD burger) then you should go there. They got the best patties in town!! You don’t believe me? Then just go right in and see for yourself!

My family and I wait in the long line before getting to go in, but I don’t really mind, as I said earlier it’s the best, so why shouldn’t it be crowded? I pore myself a cup of water and drink, ah refreshing. The light taste of cucumber and lemon dances on my tongue for minutes, even after I have already finished the water. As we near the front door, having concurred the immense outside line, a waitress asks us how many are in our party. Three we said. Step right in. I walk in only to see another mini-line! We inch forward for about ten minutes until we finally get up the the counter. I’ve known since the moment I walked in what I wanted. “May I have a bacon cheese burger with nothing on it but bacon and cheese, cooked rare, with a side of truffle fries please. Oh and a Oreo milkshake!”

After all of us have ordered we search the sea of tables for the one with our number on it. Bingo!! The food comes out almost as soon as we sit down. All natural grass fed beef, home made buns, and fresh ice cream made that morning! I don’t even wait for the waiter to set down my families food. I sink my teeth into the burger. My teeth pass through the fluffy bun, then the crunchy bacon, the melted, cheese and finally the juicy pink burger. Grease drips down my hand as I squeeze the bun in satisfaction but I don’t mind. I take a sip of my Oreo milkshake and I float into heaven. The creamy milk, mixed in with the crunchy Oreos, churned until it has a decent solidity, and topped with a light fluff of whipped cream. Yum!!

So if your ever out and you want something amazing for a decent price, then you know where to go!

Hop Doddy….. Where love turns into burgers!


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The phantom

A dark voice comes out of nowhere “Come here, I can help you, just come with me, my angel of music.” The face of the voice appears in the mirror in front of me. An man, pale as snow with eyes as dark as a moon less sky and a white mask, covering half his face. The grin on his face sends shivers through my whole body. I’m so scared my body is rattling, telling me to run, but I can’t. I’m stuck fixated on those dark eyes. My feet start to walk towards him. In a trance. I know this man, he’s the one whose come to me every night in my dreams. But that was only a voice. The man I see in this mirror right now frightens me, but for some reason Im drawn to him. He was the one who made me what I am today. I don’t have a choice though. My feet have decided for me. The mirror opens and I see him in his full, surrounded by white light. He grabs my hand forcefully but not painfully so. His hand is cold as ice and the shock makes me gasp. Then he drags me into the light. “Now sing to me my angel,” he says, and the mirror closes….


Expository Writing

I was having a great day, really truly. I had gotten a 99 on my science test, and I sat with my friends at lunch, and I even started reading this new book that I was really enjoying…. But then I got home. Sisters can be very aggravating.

My little sister is like the demons dog. She’s smelly and grungy and never, ev-er, washes. Every day she finds new ways to set me off. Yesterday I got home and she had been in my room with her friend and they were going through all my products. I mean seriously who does that, they’re 9. And worst of all my mom a-l-w-a-y-s is on her side. For example, when my little sister wants to use my clothes I say no because she’s going to trash them but then my mom thinks I’m the horrible boogie monster who never shares and eats children for breakfast. (Ok maybe not the breakfast part.)

Another reason is that she always insists on being with me. She always wants to be in my room and in my space and in my stuff. She’ll come in after school and want me to go outside and play in the mud or something with her, but I cant. I’m always busy and when I’m I have homework to do. But no I have to go play outside with my little sister.It’s like an un endless torture session.

So yeah that’s why… ” Omg Clara get out of my room, I’m trying to write something!” For goodness sakes. Sorry about that, lets get back to the point. Sisters can be seriously… “Clara I said get out.” Ugh. Aggravating.


The white four- walled room seems to be closing in more every second. The tight fabric wrapped around my mouth is hot with sweat and perspiration. The rope binding my wrists to the cold pole stings as it cuts into my flesh with even the slightest movements. The lower part of my body has gone numb from hours of sitting on the hard stone floor stained with a crimson in splatters. Memories flash back in my head;

The rough hand gripping me, the black van, the doors slamming as I get pulled away, somewhere where no one knows where I am.
I’m all alone, so desperately alone. A cold sweat spreads over me as a single tear rolls down my cheek.